Katherine's 1960s Sex Kitten Private Session | Nashville Boudoir Photographer

I've noticed lately that ladies are asking more about the difference between a private boudoir session and my "day long specials." At the specials, I photograph multiple ladies scheduled throughout the day. Everyone gets the same set options, and hair and makeup are available as add-on services for the complete makeover. At a private session, the only person I am photographing is you. You receive custom, specialized hair and makeup styling, as well as a location of your choosing. Instead of a quick-moving 45 minute session, the private photo shoot is between 90 minutes and 3 hours, depending on the package you choose. Private sessions are more customized, so you can do multiple looks (say, a 20s flapper vixen and a 40s bombshell pinup), and wear multiple outfits.

This session is a great example of my Standard private photo shoot. Katherine chose to shoot in her home, which is super fun and beautiful, and we did the photo shoot at night. The results are stunning - a 60s sex kitten glamour style with multiple wardrobe changes, moods, and expressions. Shana Michelle Taylor styled her hair, and Crystal Rose Brown did her makeup. I love the way these turned out - and Katherine's wardrobe choices were spot on! 

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