Peggy's Totally Radical 1980s Photo Shoot | Denver Portrait Photographer

Oh those Clocktower Clockettes really know how to make me smile! I loved doing this 1980s session with dancer Peggy Tulane. She used some of these images to promote her Ladies of the 80s show at the Clocktower Cabaret in downtown Denver earlier this year! Enjoy her bitchin' photos celebrating all things 80s!

Spotlight! Fannie Spankings Inside the Clocktower Cabaret

I absolutely ADORE Fannie Spankings! She is a Denver burlesque performer who is quite the accomplished lady. When Fannie signed up for last year's The Clocktower Series, I was thrilled to photograph this stunning beauty on her home turf!

These images are all in color because I can't imagine any of them in black and white! Fannie's colorful personality shines through and the beautiful Clocktower is a stunning backdrop for her style. If you want to sign up for your own spot in my next Clocktower Series, be sure to sign up soon! There are only 2 spots left ;)

Kitty Crimson at the Crawford Hotel | Denver Boudoir Photography

Kitty Crimson is a Denver burlesque dancer who has been gracing stages and slaying audiences for over a decade. This stunning beauty is also a complete sweetheart and was delightful to photograph. We met at the Crawford Hotel last autumn and created inside a gorgeous hotel room before going down for a cocktail at the Cooper Lounge. Union Station provided a unique backdrop for our end-of-the-evening portraits. Feast your eyes on this stunning display of glamour...

The Clocktower Cabaret Glamour Sessions | Denver Boudoir Photographer

One of the best things about living in Denver is attending events and shows at the Clocktower Cabaret. For over 10 years, the Clocktower Cabaret has been bringing the finest entertainment to downtown Denver, including burlesque, music, and circus performers. I have done several photo shoots there over the years, but last November I was able to hold my first day-long boudoir special there. The club provided the backdrop for some amazing and decadent images. I photographed 7 beautiful people inside the Clocktower Cabaret and here are some of the highlights. Featuring Violet, Dottie, Kat, Evangeline, Raphael, Fannie, and Autumn! Enjoy!

Punk Rock Burlesque | Denver Glamour Photography

How super fun it is to work with Punk Rock Burlesque, Denver's Rebel Burlesque Troupe! These ladies all brought something different and beautiful to the photo shoot, and I'm thrilled to be their photography sponsor. Featured below are Squeaky Springs, Penny Spectacular, Tiger Lily, Siouxsie Cupcakes, Pearl Peacock, Gigi, Sugar Monroe, and Siren Sixkiller!