Pin Up Portraits

Everyone recognizes the classic pin up: 1940s style, feminine posing, cute expressions, and usually very colorful! Inspired by the drawings of Gil Elvgren and Alberto Vargas, among others, pin up photography is a throwback to a bygone era when photographs and drawings of women were used to motivate US troops during World War II. The La Photographie pin up can be classic - with a solid backdrop and bright lighting - or it can be more modern, in a setting such as a library, a living room, or even a holiday theme. Check out the examples below, and contact La Photographie to set up your own pin up portrait session in Denver, Nashville, or elsewhere (I travel)!

Hollywood Glamour

Inspired by portraits of Hollywood stars in the 1930s and 1940s, Hollywood Glamour portraits are a specialty of La Photographie Boudoir in Denver. Backdrops and sets are often simple, and lighting is very specific. I do like to add a modern twist by providing color versions of your Hollywood Glamour shots, but black and white is classic. To book your Hollywood Glamour portrait session with me in Denver, Nashville, or elsewhere, send me an email!

Midnight Frolic: 1920s Boudoir

The 1920s were an era of style and elegance: Jazz age beauties, flappers in fringe dresses, and oh so many feathers. Join La Photographie as we hearken back to a decade of pleasure and frivolity. My hair & makeup team will make you up as a Roaring Twenties siren, complete with lashes, lips, and the perfect coif. If this is the style you’re interested in, send me an email to get the process started!

Between the Sheets

So much could be said about doing a boudoir photo shoot “Between the Sheets.” It’s sexy, it’s customizable (white sheets or red? maybe silver…), and you can use the sheets as your wardrobe to conceal and reveal as you desire. Styling can be soft and natural, classic pin up, or dark and smoldering. Take a peek at some examples below and then get in touch with me to book your “Between the Sheets” session!

Bathtub Boudoir

What better way to capture the luxury of a long bath than with a bathtub boudoir photo shoot? I love finding unique bathtubs, and of course the classic clawfoot tub is always a good idea. Since all of my boudoir photo shoots are customizable, I’ve had clients bring everything from an elaborate bubble bath to a dark and vampy blood bath. The choice is yours…

Dark Garden - Outdoor Boudoir

There are few things as exhilarating as doing an outdoor boudoir photography session. I love the look of light glittering through leaves and the way water shines as a backdrop. Here are some examples of outdoor boudoir portraits, which I like to call “Dark Garden.” Some women choose to dress up in a fantasy costume, such as a fairy or a witch, and others choose to be nude. Whichever direction you choose, La Photographie can help bring your vision to life. Contact us to set up your consultation!

Burlesque Photography

Burlesque and glamour are synonymous, and for good reason! Burlesque is known for being sparkly, feminine, and sexy. Whether you’re a burlesque performer looking for updated promotional portraits, or if you just want to be a burlesque dancer for a day, La Photographie can accommodate you! Check the gallery below for inspiration, and also take a peek at our Burlesque Portrait gallery!