Lola Frost: A Teaching Immersive in Denver, CO

Calling all burlesque performers! If you want to step up your game, become stronger in your performance, and learn from one of the top burlesque entertainers in the world - this is your chance!

On May 27 & 28, the Rock 'n Roll Flapper LOLA FROST will be in beautiful Denver, Colorado for a 2 day burlesque learning intensive. After 2 full days of learning, you have the option to add a one-on-one act review with Lola on May 29. 

Classes will include: Sexuality as Creativity, The Slow Burn, Expression for Strip Teasers, Foundations for Floor Work, Chair Dance, Lap Dance for your Lover, and more!

The weekend of classes will start on Saturday May 27 at Bon Vivant Burlesque Academy in Denver, CO and continue through Sunday May 28. Each day will last approximately 6-7 hours and will include intimate classes with Lola focusing on connecting your physical being with your sexuality and sensuality through movement, dance, lecture, and demonstration. On Monday May 29, you have the option to add a one-on-one act review with Lola.

Students should be performers of burlesque or theatrical expression, as Lola will deal with stage and striptease specific notions. The immersive is open to all genders and identities. This is an all-levels immersive; participants should be ready to be challenged. 

The full cost of the immersive is $250. The first 5 students to book their spot and pay in full will receive special "Early Bird" pricing at a rate of $225. There is ONE 1/2 price scholarship available (see below). Payment plans are available. 

There is ONE 1/2 price scholarship available. The deadline to apply for this 1/2 price scholarship is 3/31/17 at midnight. To apply, you must submit a short video or letter explaining why you want to participate in the immersive. Please email your submission to Lola at  

Please click the corresponding PayPal link below to reserve your spot in the immersive. You can either pay in full at the Early Bird price of $225, or you can make a retainer payment of $125 (balance of $125 will be due either in CASH or via PayPal on or before 5/27/17).  

All deposits and payments are non refundable unless a personal or environmental force majeure occurs with in a week of the immersive in which case students will be given a 50% refund. Week of cancellations are not eligible for refunds. 


EARLY BIRD RATE $225 (+3% paypal fee, full payment, limited availability)

REGULAR RATE $125 RETAINER or $250 FULL PAYMENT (+3% paypal fee, balance due 5/27/17)

Payment Options

One-on-one act reviews with Lola will take place on Monday May 29. The cost for this private session is $70 (+3% paypal fee). We suggest that you can add your private session on when you sign up for the immersive. SPACE IS LIMITED TO 5 PEOPLE FOR THIS OPTION.

Student Name

Lola Frost is best known for combining her anachronistic styles of vintage and modern – a true 1920’s starlet with a kiss of Ramones grit. Her pieces are a sensorial experience to behold; an elegant blend of dance, theater and fervent striptease. 

“She has incredible stage presence, plus a visceral physicality that demands to be watched and admired” – Tigger, The first King of Boylesque.

Performer, teacher and mentor, Lola is co-director of the Vancouver Burlesque Centre and an integral member of Sweet Soul Burlesque. She is an international, award winning and headlining performer who has had appearances at The Burlesque Hall of Fame, The Colorado Burlesque Festival, Salome Cabaret, and Tease-O-Rama, been featured at Show Me Burlesque Festival and Vaudeville Festival as well as The Vancouver International Burlesque Festival - where she has been awarded “Sexy, Sultry, Sizzlin’ Striptease” (2009) and “Most Dazzling Dancer” (2013). Miss Frost has headlined at the Colorado, Calgary, Windy City, Texas and Stockholm Burlesque Festivals as well as the Southwest Burlesque Showcase and Theater Bazaar. In 2013 Lola was awarded 2nd runner up – Reigning Queen of Burlesque Miss Exotic World at the Burlesque Hall of Fame in Las Vegas.

A published and noted writer Lola has been featured on the 21st Century Burlesque Magazine and Archer Magazine sites, in print for the Berlesker: Handcrafted Literary Journal and Quills Erotic Poetry Magazine along with keeping her own blog with a steadily growing following. She is proud to be a RED Burlesque Lipstick signature shade girl and to have been voted into the Top 50 industry figures of Burlesque by Burlesque Magazine 5 years running!


Day 1 : Saturday May 27th

1-2:30pm - Connecting to your Core – Sexuality as Creativity
Part lecture, part movement, students will explore how tapping into the root of their strength, breaking down boundaries and building a solid foundation of self can unleash creativity. We will be working with the body and spirit to create acceptance in the core/self around sexuality, sensuality and feminine strength.
What to bring / needs : Please wear dance or yoga clothes and bring a note book, water and a yoga mat. 

2:30-3pm - Break

3-4:30pm - The Slow Burn – Moving with Sensuality and Intention
Moving slowly on stage is challenging. It takes thought, confidence, and a belief in the expression you are portraying to your audience. It starts with a thought, is moved through action, and then becomes bestowed to your audience. Whenever you are moving on stage, you want your actions to radiate strength and grace, power and intention. This movement- and theory-based class will take you through a warm-up, a diverse range of movements and the theory behind them, and exploration of receptive and penetrative energies to bring the most diverse translations of your desires to the stage.
What to bring / needs : Please wear dance or yoga clothes and bring a note book and water. Dance shoes optional.

4:30-5pm - Break

5-6:30pm - Expression for Stripteasers
Beyond the peels and reveals of well done striptease lies the expression and communication of the body and spirit. Do you feel connected to some performers more then others? Do you admire the way they speak to you without words?
In this movement and philosophy based workshop we break apart and rework simple movements with the hands, face, and body. We incorporate inner dialog, energy exchange and mood manipulations suited for powerful stage presence.
Lean the technique of the face that launched a 1000 ships and the flick of the wrist that left them swooning!
What to bring / needs : Please wear dance or yoga clothes and bring a note book and water. Dance shoes optional. 

Day 2 : Sunday May 28th
1-2:30pm- Floor Work Foundations
Strength and fluidity, ownership and raw power. The suggestive nature of floor work is not only powerful and primal but adds another level of stage to your performances. This movement class prepares your strength, control and stamina for the basic elements needed to incorporate floor work into your numbers or even exercise regiments. A sexy and sensual vocabulary of moves will be taught along with slick combos and some basic choreography. This workshops will leave you able to start integrating smooth transitions as well as classic and neo burlesque inspired moves into your flows and act development. 
What to bring / needs : Please wear crops or leggings instead of shorts. Not recommended for students with bad knees troubles or back injuries, knee pads or leg warmers REQUIRED for all students. Bring water and a yoga mat. 

2:30-3pm - Break

3-4:30pm - Chair Dance Fundamentals
Learn the sassy and classic technique of chair dancing in this comprehensive foundation class. We start at the base with discovering the physicality, strength, and grace it takes to make this discipline look flawless! We cover safety, transition techniques, impactful poses, leg and arm work, and foundation inversions. We also cover the exercises that complement the moves learned for building the strength it takes to execute this style with ease. This class also has a small choreography component to explore act building with chair dancing.
What to bring / needs : Please wear crops or leggings instead of shorts as you may stick to the chair. No recommended for students with severe back injuries. Knee pads or legwarmers are great for extra protection. Bring water and a yoga mat. 

4:30-5pm - Break

5-7pm - Lap Dance for Your Lover (with wine!)
Learn the gift that keeps giving - a saucy, personal, intimate Lap Dance for your Lover! Join Lola for this interactive workshop and a glass of wine while diving into an overview of the art form's philosophy and technique. This session will include learning a set of specific moves geared for up close and personal interaction as well as a few more daring techniques guaranteed to have your partner wanting more! We will cover intimacy, eye contact, boundaries, touch and non contact, floor and walking transitions, music choices and environment. 
A glass of wine, red or white will be provided. 
What to bring / needs : Please bring heels you can comfortably move in and knee pads or legwarmers. Bring water and a notebook.

Day 3 : Monday May 29th
1on1s : one hour sessions between 12-6pm

1 - 12-1
2 - 1:15-2:15
3 - 2:30-3:30
4 - 3:45-4:45
5 - 5-6