Sylvie's Las Vegas Valley of the Dolls Boudoir Portraits

Sylvie is such a gem! We crossed paths in Las Vegas earlier this summer and did a super fun photo shoot with a 1960s sex kitten theme. Very “Valley of the Dolls” with the blond wig and pastel pink lingerie. The beautiful pink robe is from one of my favorite lingerie companies: Dottie’s Delights. Sylvie is a Nashville resident, where I look forward to visiting next month! Be sure to check out my Photo Shoot Specials happening in Nashville around the Nashville Burlesque Festival in September.

Viola's Lady of the House 1960s Slumber Portraits | LaSlumberFun

Considering that posting images from LaSlumberFun, the epic feminine photo shoot sleepover we did just outside of Nashville this spring, has gotten my Instagram hashtag shadowbanned, I think we may be doing something right. Or at least something threateningly sexy ;) Viola, whom I’ve been photographing for the better part of 10 years, isn’t threatening at all, unless someone is threatened by stylish, confident women! I love women who own their beauty and sexuality, and Viola is all that and brains too. I’m so thankful for the many sessions we’ve created together, and look forward to many more in the future! xo

Mel's Slumber Party Pinup Photos | Nashville Glamour Photography

Mel is not only a stunning performer, she’s also a really rad person and I love making photo magic with her. We’ve done photo shoots in many unique places, and this is perhaps one of the more unique spots. For her LaSlumberFun session in May, she brought beautiful lingerie from Nashville Darlin, and a unique prop: a blindfold. I loved incorporating this concept into the photo shoot - it really made for some sexy images. Be sure to scroll to the end to see the one of the Instax photos we took… Makeup by Blackwater Beauty.

Gidget's Slumber Party Shoot | Nashville Boudoir Portraits

Oh Gidget - so beautiful! I love creating with this sweet and stunning lady. She and I have done so many sessions together, I’ve lost count! And as soon as I think one session is my favorite, we make even more lovely photos together that I adore. We used the stained glass elements at our shooting location, as well as the beautiful natural light on the wraparound porch. She did her own hair & makeup - wow! I can’t wait to create with her again soon.

Crystal's Slumber Party Boudoir Session | La Photographie Nashville

I am so glad that Crystal joined our group for LaSlumberFun, the series of sleepover boudoir portraits that I did just outside of Nashville in May. I had not yet created with Crystal, and I’m so pleased with my experience with her as well as her stunning portraits. She brought some really fun wardrobe pieces, including rompers in velvet and animal print. I hope to create with her again soon! Makeup by Stephanie of Beauty by Blackwater.