Goth Glam with Pixie Danger | Nashville Portrait Photographer

This is the first time I’ve worked with Pixie Danger, and she had not only the best location for her shoot, but also an incredible look! I enjoyed meeting her at an abandoned detention center just outside of Nashville, where we did all the creepy poses. There were so many backdrops to choose from! Here are the highlights from our photo shoot.

Halloween Pin Ups | Denver Pin Up Photographer

Like most people I know, Halloween is my favorite holiday! I was thrilled to work with Denver burlesque dancer Champagne Shuga Nova on these Halloween-themed pinup portraits. Some of these images appeared in Bachelor Pad magazine as part of their fall issue, and some of these images are being seen for the first time! Hair & makeup by Kate Hart.

If you want Halloween portraits of your own, I am currently booking spooky sessions in Nashville, Denver, Albuquerque, and Dallas! Click here to see the photo shoot specials available, and if you have questions, just shoot me an email at Let's get creeptastic! 

Gidget's Private Outdoor Session | Nashville Boudoir Photography

I meant to share these images a while ago, but somehow they slipped through! Luckily I received a reminder and remembered to post this blog. I love these images of Gidget, a longtime client and friend. She wanted to do a custom photo shoot inspired by the Four Elements: Earth, Air, Fire, and Water. With beautiful lingerie and implied nudes, and the beautiful private backdrop of a piece of land in Whites Creek, TN, we pulled these off. Hair by Shana Michelle Taylor, makeup by Katie-Laine Thornton.

Indy Fire | Denver Dudeoir Photography

Not every gentleman wants to have his portrait made by a glamour photographer, but luckily for me, Indy Fire is the exception! I love the portraits he and I made a couple of months ago. His androgyny is inspiring and I absolutely love having him in front of my lens. I'm sure I'll be doing more creative work with Indy in the future, so be sure to stay tuned!

Ladies of the 80s | Denver Burlesque Photographer

I love working with the illustrious Clocktower Cabaret in Denver, CO! Peggy Tulane, the star and producer of the yearly "Ladies of the 80s" show, needed some promotional photographs for the posters and flyers. I was excited to do this session, but that doesn't compare to how I felt when I arrived! Each of these ladies showed up looking like they were straight outta 1987! What a fun day this was, hanging out with amazing burlesque dancers and taking fun photos. More of this please!

Kitty | Dark Garden | Colorado Boudoir Photographer

I always enjoy a unique shooting location, so when Kitty suggested we drive to a cabin near Estes Park to do these portraits, I was all in! Kitty Crimson is a Denver burlesque dancer and has been performing for almost 20 years. Our last portrait session was inside the Crawford Hotel (you can check out those images here). This one is totally different, but just as glamorous. Enjoy!

10th Anniversary Party | Nashville, TN

In August of 2017, La Photographie celebrated 10 years of being in business! To mark the occasion, our friends at Wasabassco Burlesque helped us throw a little pre-show soiree at City Winery in Nashville. Some of my glamorous clients came to show their support by doing a quick pinup photo shoot with me. What a fun evening this was! Thank you to GiGi, Wasabassco, City Winery, and to each of the ladies who came to show support. I am so lucky to have you all as supporters. Here's to another 10 years!

Sinema | Nashville Glamour Photographer

Possibly the most luxurious of my 10th Anniversary Photo Shoot Specials in Nashville was Sinema. After previously working at Sinema, a gorgeous restaurant in Nashville, with my friends Natalie & Scott, I knew I wanted to do a full day of glamour photography there. I'm in love with the way these photos turned out: so decadent, vintage, and downright fancy! Shana Michelle Taylor did the hair styling and Crystal Brown did the makeup. If you follow me on Instagram, you've probably seen the highlights from this post, but I love seeing them all together in one place. Featuring: Anna Claire, Kim, Lacey, Gidget, and Buffy. Enjoy!

Tea Party! | Nashville Boudoir Photographer

In September 2017, I traveled back to my hometown of Nashville to do a series of 10th Anniversary events and photo shoots. I planned three big themed photo shoot specials, and Tea Party was one of them. Talk about pastel decadence - Tea Party made all of my sugar plum dreams come true! I teamed up with longtime collaborator AmyRose of Hocus Pocus Beauty Boutique in Whites Creek. She not only styled hair for Tea Party, but she also provided the perfect location in her salon and many of the props you see on the set. She has an incredible collection of glass dishes, tea sets, and fabrics that helped make a decadent backdrop for these images. With another longtime collaborator - Alicia Maynard - doing makeup, this photo shoot special became a fun day of playing dress up. Thank you to everyone who participated! Pictured here are: Sylvie (who styled her own hair & makeup), Mel, Marie, Lavender, and Zelda <3

Foul Play Cabaret | Hot Springs Glamour Photography

There are many things I love about my job, but one of the things I love most is traveling to other cities and meeting amazing women. In October, I had the pleasure of teaming up with Madison Hurley Photography in charming Hot Springs, Arkansas. We not only got to collaborate on images of the local ladies in Arkansas, but we also traveled together to Dallas (stay tuned for that blog post). Madison was kind enough to loan her photography studio to me so I could take portraits of Hot Springs's local burlesque troupe: Foul Play Cabaret. Here are some of the highlights of my photo shoot with them. Featuring Rosa Lee Bloom, Violet D'vine, Ruby Lead, and Doris Night. 

Lola Frost | Denver Glamour Photography

Where to even start with Lola Frost?! If you know her - or know of her - no words are needed. But in case you don't, I'll let you in on a secret: she's goddess in human form. I have been an admirer of Lola for many years; she is a well-known burlesque performer from Vancouver BC. Her success is not only attributed to her incredible stage performances, but also to her kind demeanor and generous nature. She gives of herself freely on the burlesque stage and is even more lovely (if that's possible) when you speak to her in person. Denver was lucky enough to host her last year for a series of workshops and performances. While she was in town, she and I collaborated on an epic photo shoot. I am always pleased to make art with women I respect, and this joint effort is surely one of my best.

Hollywood Glamour | Nashville Boudoir Photography

Calling all vintage vixens! La Photographie specializes in Hollywood Glamour-style portraits. Inspired by the portraits of George Hurrell taken for MGM in the 1930s and 40s, the Hollywood Glamour portrait is edgy and sexy with gorgeous lighting. Take a look at the ladies I photographed in Nashville earlier this year as part of my Hollywood Glamour photo shoot special. Featuring Brooke, Gogo, Lacey, Lavender, Sassenach, Sheena, and Wendy, with hair styling by Shana Michelle Taylor and makeup by Katie-Laine Thornton.

Jinx Lovecraft in the Witch Woods

This is my third photo shoot with the ethereal and eerie Jinx Lovecraft. Every time we shoot together we make beautiful, weird magic. I love these photos of Jinx, taken on the Summer Solstice in Tennessee. Jinx did her own hair, makeup, and wardrobe: she is a multi-talented lady! These creepy images are perfect for showing off at Halloween ;)

Evelyn's Bad Ass Androgynous Photo Shoot

This is the second time I've photographed The Bad Ass burlesque dancer Evelyn Vinyl, and I am so pleased at the way these portraits turned out. I love her androgynous style, and photographing her inside her home was a special treat - especially because this gorgeous lady has a colorful decorating style that looks amazing in imagery. Enjoy!

Gabrielle at Home | Denver Boudoir Photographer

I first met Gabrielle in 2006 in Nashville. When I started doing photography in 2007, I knew I wanted to capture her beauty with my lens. From La Photographie's early days of pin up (2008's Valentine series in a bathtub full of candy hearts!) to this photo shoot last month, I have adored creating with her, and our close friendship is one of the most important in my life.

I like to call this collection of images "Gabrielle at Home."

1970s Glamour Girl | Nashville Pinup Photographer

I've been making pretty pictures with Shan de Leers for many years now. It's no surprise that this dazzling dame wanted to do a 1970s-inspired pinup session in her awesomely-era-specific basement. With wood paneling, unique tile, and a fuzzy rug, we created some images perfect for showcasing Shan's groovy side. Enjoy!

Enchanted Glamour | Nashville Boudoir Photography

This is the second time I've had the pleasure of creating with Gwen, and we always make magic together. I loved the ideas she had for this session, including the witchy props, her beautiful wardrobe items, and the jewel-tone fabrics used to create our sets. Plus her tiny black kitten made an appearance! Hair & makeup was done by the amazing Katie-Laine Thornton.

Glamour Girls! | Nashville Boudoir Photographer

Returning to Nashville to do photo shoots is always such a treat, and with a location like this one, there wasn't a bad photo to be had! Inside a private home in historic East Nashville, we held a day-long Photo Shoot Special with hair by Shana Michelle Taylor and makeup by Katie-Laine Thornton. Every lady brought her own style, so each image is completely unique! Featuring images of Autumn, GiGi, Vivien, Lavender, Vivi, and Gidget. Wanna book your session? Contact me today to start the conversation!

Midnight Frolic: 1920s Style Portraits | Nashville Boudoir Photographer

I love doing photo shoots in the style of 1920s portrait master Alfred Cheney Johnston. Johnstson photographed the Ziegfeld Follies in NYC throughout the twenties and his beautiful work lives on in the book Jazz Age Beauties. I decided to offer a day of speakeasy glamour at Delinquent Debutantes in Nashville earlier this year. With hair styling offered by AmyRose Wendell and makeup by Alicia Maynard, our beautiful clients totally nailed the flapper look. Pictured below are Sylvie, Gidget, Jenyfer, Tosha, Buffy, Dress & Vivien, Christy, Mel, Leigh, Vivi, Lara, and Betsey.