• What is your style?
    My style, first and foremost, is refined. My work can be modern or vintage, and is often a blend of the two. Whether your session marks a special moment in your life or a gift for your significant other, I see people as art and love to portray them as such. I tend to focus on the form’s sensual side by enhancing curves and long lines, no matter what the body type. Whether your best asset is your eyes, décolletage, or legs, I want to help you conjure a vision and show it off!

  • What’s the difference between glamour, boudoir, pin up, and beauty sessions?
    These terms are often interchangeable and the differences are primarily wardrobe, styling, and posing/expression. Beauty, Boudoir, Pin Up, and Maternity shoots are all considered Glam Sessions. During a Glam Session, we concentrate on the makeover process from makeup application to hair styling to choosing what you’d like to wear. In a Beauty shoot, it might be your favorite dress. For Boudoir portraits you might choose a corset and stockings. For Pin Up portraits, you may want to wear a 1940s dress with a crinoline and short gloves. It is completely up to you how much -or little- skin you would like to show.

  • How do I schedule a session?

  • The first step of booking your Glam Session is to schedule a consultation with me, either over video chat or in person . At this meeting, I will ask you some questions to get an idea of what type of portraits you are interested in. This is also a chance for us to talk about wardrobe ideas and styling inspiration. A 50% deposit is required to reserve your session date.

  • What is the session like?

  • A glam or maternity photography session with La Photographie Boudoir can be summed up in one word: fun! The hair and makeup team’s expert styling will make you look and feel your best, while the session itself is relaxed and easy. If you are nervous about being in front of the camera, you will see how easy it is to be yourself. With my extensive knowledge of retro and modern posing and styling, all you need to do is participate in the action. Boudoir photography is easier than you think!

  • How far in advance should I schedule with you?

  • I normally schedule consultations 3-7 days in advance and sessions 1-3 months in advance. Occasionally I have unexpected openings, if you need to get in sooner. If you are doing the session to commemorate a special occasion, I recommend shooting at least 30 days before the final photos are needed; a lead time of 60 days is preferred. If you are scheduling a maternity session, I recommend doing the session around 7-8 months.

  • Do I need to bring my own clothing?

  • While my home studio does offer a few wardrobe options, including silky vintage slips and fantastic accessories, I mostly encourage you to bring your own clothing options. I have worked with hundreds of women on wardrobe styling, and I have an exhaustive list of where to purchase items that will match the style you desire.

  • Note for maternity clients: I recommend that you bring your own wardrobe for maternity sessions. Because the body changes so quickly, I prefer that you pick items that will fit you well and that you are comfortable wearing. I can give you further recommendations at the consultation.

  • How much will I invest?

  • Boudoir collections start at $500 and include the entire makeover process! Please contact me for my full pricing guide.

  • Do you retouch my photographs?

  • Absolutely! I am a professional high-end retoucher with 12 years experience. Retouching is an art unto itself and it is a big part of what I do. Once you choose your favorite images, I will fully retouch them and show them to you in color and black and white. I can smooth skin, whiten teeth, and diminish wrinkles, blemishes, and stretch marks.

  • How do you deliver the photos?

  • Once your session is complete, we can schedule a viewing so you see your images. At this viewing, you will choose your favorite pictures to be retouched and decide how you want them displayed. There are many options for displaying your pictures, including albums, wall art, image boxes, and folios. I have samples of these items in the studio that you can check out when you come in for you consultation or for your session. I can also create an online proof gallery for you to choose your images at your leisure.

  • Do you share my images online?

  • I only share images online with your express permission. Your privacy is very important to me, and no one (except you!) will see your images if you choose to keep them private.

  • I’m ready to book!

  • Great! Fill out the form below, or send us an email at stephanie@laphotographieboudoir.com to get the process started!

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