Betsey's Slumber Party Boudoir Session | Nashville Boudoir Portraits

Recently, with the help of my Nashville-based assistant Shan, I did a full weekend of Slumber Party photo shoots with a group of amazing women. We rented a home about an hour from Nashville, had a fun dinner and sleepover, then awoke the next morning and got ready for individual photo shoots. This concept is so much fun, and everyone really enjoyed the camaraderie and connection that comes with spending time together. Makeup artist Stephanie of Blackwater Beauty in Nashville contributed her skills as well, and the results are in! This session is the first of 7 sessions I will be showing off on my blog. Betsey brought gorgeous lingerie pieces from Nashville Darlin to her photo shoot, and I love the way she mixes and matches her unique glamour. Enjoy, and stay tuned for more - each day this week I will release a brand new session.