Gidget's Slumber Party Shoot | Nashville Boudoir Portraits

Oh Gidget - so beautiful! I love creating with this sweet and stunning lady. She and I have done so many sessions together, I’ve lost count! And as soon as I think one session is my favorite, we make even more lovely photos together that I adore. We used the stained glass elements at our shooting location, as well as the beautiful natural light on the wraparound porch. She did her own hair & makeup - wow! I can’t wait to create with her again soon.

Lola Frost | Denver Glamour Photography

Where to even start with Lola Frost?! If you know her - or know of her - no words are needed. But in case you don't, I'll let you in on a secret: she's goddess in human form. I have been an admirer of Lola for many years; she is a well-known burlesque performer from Vancouver BC. Her success is not only attributed to her incredible stage performances, but also to her kind demeanor and generous nature. She gives of herself freely on the burlesque stage and is even more lovely (if that's possible) when you speak to her in person. Denver was lucky enough to host her last year for a series of workshops and performances. While she was in town, she and I collaborated on an epic photo shoot. I am always pleased to make art with women I respect, and this joint effort is surely one of my best.

Punk Rock Burlesque | Denver Glamour Photography

How super fun it is to work with Punk Rock Burlesque, Denver's Rebel Burlesque Troupe! These ladies all brought something different and beautiful to the photo shoot, and I'm thrilled to be their photography sponsor. Featured below are Squeaky Springs, Penny Spectacular, Tiger Lily, Siouxsie Cupcakes, Pearl Peacock, Gigi, Sugar Monroe, and Siren Sixkiller!


Marvelous Maxi Millions | Denver Burlesque Photography

What a pleasure to photograph the talented burlesque dancer Miss Maxi Millions on her recent trip to Denver. We worked inside Lannie's Clocktower Cabaret, which is pretty much my favorite place in town. It's such a luxurious environment for a portrait session, and Maxi's new red costume was the perfect choice for wardrobe. I love these photos!